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Mr. Christopher Hoggart

  • Forename: Christopher
  • Surname: Hoggart
  • Primary Position: Environmental Management
  • Secondary Position: Water Pollution Expert

Brief CV

Christopher Hoggart has almost 25 years experience in water pollution control and in environmental consultancy. He is now an independent consultant. His specific relevant experience includes:
Significant experience in environmental consultancy, auditing and training within the gas and petrochemical industry.
Recent experience of environmental reviews, assessments and audits in Far East, Middle East, South America, central and eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.
Twenty-two years experience in water pollution control including pollution risk assessments, pollution prevention and mitigation and environmental impact studies. Registered as a Principal Environmental Auditor with EARA.
Particular experience of assessing the effects of polluting discharges to the aquatic environment including pollution derived from effluents, accidental spillages and diffuse sources.
Experience of installing and auditing environmental management systems, to ISO 14001 and EMAS, in onshore and offshore oil and gas installations.


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