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Mr. Alastair Riddell

  • Forename: Alastair
  • Surname: Riddell
  • Primary Position: Security Expert
  • Secondary Position: Project Development and Logistics

Brief CV

Formerly from the British Army (20 Years) where he was a Senior Officer, Alastair Riddell became a Security Manager and then Independent Security Consultant. Working for overseas Government and blue chip Corporations (Oil, Gas and precious Minerals) including Syndicates at Lloyds of London, he built up a very successful consultancy providing advice and solutions in Risk Management, Threat Analysis, Security, Logistics (Safe and Secure Systems for movement of High Value, Precious Metals and Stones) and Contingency Planning (Emergency Planning, Evacuation Planning, Remote Medical Support, Communications, HSE and Fire Response Regimes) along with related Training Programmes, Modelling and Exercising. He has worked and provided services throughout much of Africa, East Africa (including the Horn) and West Africa, (including Sierra Leone and Angola), as well as in most of the Central Asian States, Caspian Region, Central South America, India and the Baltic. His speciality is in developing systems for the safe and secure handling and movement of precious metals and stones, the quality assurance and training of Mine police and Guard Units, along with audit, review, project planning and the integration of all support and logistics systems. He has strong project management skills and is comfortable in dealing at a senior level with Governments and their Agencies and major companies.


  • Graduate of the Army Staff System, Graduate - Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (17th in Order of Merit)

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