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Our Team

We draw on our worldwide network of highly experienced associates to tailor-make a project team that perfectly matches the assignment, handpicking team members to create the optimum mix of skills, experience and capabilities.

While each associate, without exception, is qualified and knowledgeable in their specialist field, they also have hands-on corporate, operational and commercial experience so will recommend pragmatic, cost-effective solutions that work in the real world.

All our associates are displayed in the table below. Columns in the table are sortable, but if you can't find what you are looking for you can also search our associates by keyword.

Forename Surname Primary Position Secondary Position
Munther Akroush Senior Mechanical Engineer Management Consultant
Andrew Allington Petroleum / Gas Economist Oil & Gas Project Development - FSU
Barrie Bain Commercial Consultant Economics Consultant
Stephen Barnett Nickel Sector Expert Consulting Metallurgist
Robert Bell Executive Search Consultant HR Strategy & Organisation Adviser/Executive Mentor
Julian Bennett Senior Underground Mining Engineer Mine Cost and Economics Expert
Gavin Bowyer Senior Consultant Geologist Gold and tin specialist
Stephen Braithwaite Senior Consulting Engineer Project Manager (Oil & Gas)
Edward Bugnosen Small Mines Expert Mining and Environment Engineer
Richard Burt Senior Mineral Processing Engineeer World Authority on Screening and Gravity Separation
Dominique Butty Senior Consultant Geologist Bauxite Specialist
Roderic Cameron Hydrogeologist Environmental & Water Specialist
John Chadwick Mining Engineer / New Projects Publisher and Editor
John Cowley Senior Planning Consultant Mineral and Natural Resource Develepment Planning Consultant
Diana Dalton Legal Expert Mineral Policy and Concession Contracts
Ted Dickson Industrial Minerals Consultant Industrial Minerals Geologist
Roger Emmott Ferrous Specialist – iron ore, scrap to finished steel Management Consultant
Richard Fletcher Exploration Geologist Project Acquisition and Valuation
Michael Forrest Mining Research Specialist Senior Geologist / GIS systems
John Fraser Operations Manager Project Manager
Philip Gilbert Mine Systems Analysis Mine Design and Planning
Robin Grayson Senior Consultant on Alluvial Mining and the Environment Mongolian Mining Sector Expert
David Haughton Senior Pyro-Metallurgist Metallurgical Plant & Asset Management
Roger Hickman Project Manager Business Improvement Specialist
Christopher Hoggart Environmental Management Water Pollution Expert
Neil Holloway Senior Mineral Processing Engineer Coal Preparation Expert
Chris Huddart Mine Health and Safety Expert Coal Mining Specialist
Peter Kausch Management Consultant Coal and Energy Sector Specialist
Peter Kilroy Alluvial Mining Expert Senior Project Manager
John Knight Principal Coal and Minerals Adviser Senior Coal Geologist
Michael Legg Project Financing and Appraisal Mining Analyst
Jean Marie Levecq Senior Geology Consultant Project Manager
Jenny Love Geologist Orebody Modelling
Alastair Macfarlane Mine Strategy & Optimisation Mine Valuation and Modelling
Mark MacIntosh Senior Environmental Scientist Environmental Audits
Kirsten Mander Senior Corporate Lawyer Legal Adviser and Negotiator
Owen McIntyre Environmental Lawyer International Law on Fresh Water Resources and Waste
Peter McKendrick Senior Mining Engineer Project Development / Balkans Expert
John Monhemius Uranium Processing Specialist Professor in Hydo-Metallurgy
Christopher Morgan Management Consultant Project Director
David Morton Senior Mining Engineer Mining Business Strategies
Michael Mytton Senior Iron and Steel Consultant Operations Research
Christopher Nurse Legal Expert Fiscal Expert - Project Manager
Richard Pagett Environmental Scientist Expert in Oil and Gas Impact Assessments
David Pedley Finance Director Economic Modelling
Jean-Claude Plaquet Project Director Senior Consulting Mining Engineer
Christopher Poncia International Lawyer Specialist in Contractual Law and Agreements
Peter Radmall Senior Environmental Consultant Mine Closure Planning - Landscape Design
Wally Richards Senior Coal Mining Engineer Strategic and Business Planning
Alastair Riddell Security Expert Project Development and Logistics
Nicola Spooner Senior Environmental Scientist Environmental Management Planning
Christopher Streets Senior Mining Engineer Minerals Economist
Donald Sutherland Alluvial and Hard Rock Diamond Specialist Alluvial Gold and Diamonds
David Thomas Senior Mine Engineer Acid Mine Drainage Specialist
John Twigg Sociologist Corporate Social Responsibility Expert
Graham Tye Senior Mining Engineer Mine Operations / Project Manager
Carl Ulbricht International Legal Adviser Armenian Business Expert
Eike von der Linden Senior Mine Engineer and Economist Financial Adviser, Investment Bank Adviser
Jeffrey Watkins Senior Diamond Exploration Geologist Brazilian Expert
Alistair Watson Chartered Accountant - Economic Modeller Macro - Economic Modelling Specialist
Richard Wilkinson Chemical Engineer / Metallurgist Mineral Processing – Operations and Gold Specialist
Roger Turner Senior Mining Engineer Project Finance
John Tait Infrastructure Expert Engineering Consultant
David Brice Rail Network Engineer Rail Operations Consultant
Andrzej Kotas Iron Expert Steel Expert
Douglas McGay Licensed Surveyor Mongolia Resource Expert
Mark Howson Senior Geologist Competent Person for Resource estimates
Henry Florin Senior Mining Engineer Consultant on Potash, Salt
Peter Claughton Mining Heritage Specialist Archeologist
Andy Wells Senior Metallurgist Expert Witness
Larraine Wilde Project Manager Principal Environmental Scientist
Lucy Crane Geologist Mining Economist
Dermot Claffey Tailings Management Expert Soil Mechanics
Gordon Cunningham Metallurgical Plant Operations Cyanide Management Expert
Mark Dodds-Smith Senior Environmental Scientist Waste, Mine Closure and Rehabilitation
Fritz Balkau Advisor on Global Waste Management Board Member International Cyanide Management Institute

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