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Operational consultancy services

In today’s challenging business environment, you need to perform at optimum efficiency to remain competitive.

CMA’s knowledgeable consultants can contribute to your business by troubleshooting problems, giving concrete recommendations for process improvements, undertaking specific projects, training your staff and alerting you to new opportunities. 

Recent operational consultancy projects

Assessing merger and acquisition targets

CMA was commissioned by Australia’s Macquarie Bank to undertake a market review and pre-acquisition evaluation of a major international mining and marketing company in the industrial minerals sector in Scandinavia prior to an acquisition proposal.

Work involved conducting a full due diligence report involving geological and operational review, financial and marketing aspects, occupational health & safety and environmental risk assessment.

Digging deep in mining company reviews

CMA was contracted by mining and construction industry supplier Orica to conduct in-depth reviews of mining companies and their likely demand for mining consumable goods in 19 Eastern European countries.

Orica then instructed CMA to carry out a similar evaluation of companies in 17 African countries. Data from the market reviews, which spanned multiple commodities, was compiled into web-based interactive databases.

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