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Past Projects - Tabas Coal Project

  • Year: 2000
  • Country: Iran
  • Client: Tabas Coal Project
  • Client type: Government
  • Commodity: Coal
  • Work type: Exploration


CMA staff were deployed to Iran to assist in the design of an exploration drilling programme and to supervise and train Iranian geological staff. The training provided covered detailed geotechnical logging of cores to the internationally recognised standard BS 5930.

Detailed field mapping was also performed to support a later stage of exploration data management and resource modelling. Computer-based management of the exploration data formed the basis of detailed computer models of seam structure, seam quality and surface features and fault patterns. This model is the basis on which evaluation has been performed to assess the most cost-effective and technically efficient access routes to coal resource areas and to evaluate a preferred mining method and mine layout. Development of the project is continuing.

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