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Past Projects - Paso Diablo Mine

  • Year: 2000-2001
  • Country: Venezuela
  • Client: Paso Diablo Mine
  • Client type: Mining Company
  • Commodity: Coal
  • Work type: Geological Data Management


Christopher Morgan was engaged as part of an international consortium to undertake a review of geological data management and exploration practice as part of an assessment of available information on coal resources at depth or beyond the current economic stripping ratio at Paso Diablo Mine.

The objective was to evaluate the reliability of existing information, to identify inconsistencies and establish the mineable characteristics of coal seams which could not be worked by surface mining methods, with identification of potential risks for commercially viable underground mining.

Specific problems identified from the surface mining were high levels of seam gas content, potential for spontaneous combustion and local impoundment of groundwater under pressure.

An initial short-term exploration programme was designed to be performed in the base of the current surface mine and a longer term exploration and deposit evaluation programme was also identified. Recommendations were made for sampling for seam gas content and susceptibility to spontaneous combustion and exploration parameters were set for safe drilling in ground liable to gas outbursts and for hydrogeological assessment. Monitoring and support is on-going.

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