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Past Projects

From Afghanistan to Zambia, CMA’s experience spans the globe.

All examples of past projects that have been undertaken by CMA for our clients are displayed in the table below. Columns in the table are sortable, but if you can't find what you are looking for you can also search through all our projects by keyword.

Client Project Type Country Commodity
ABN/AMRO Due Diligence Australia Coal
Accenture Strategic Review and Business Plan UK Gold
Aneka Tambang Training Indonesia Gold
Aroaima Mining Company (AMC) Pre-feasibility study Guyana Bauxite/Alumina
Australian Mining Consultants (AMC) Business Development Multi national Base & Precious Metals
Azad Kashmir Mineral and Industrial Development Corporation Mineral Sector Review Pakistani Kashmir Multi-minerals
Barclays Technical and Management Review Australia Coal
BHP Billiton Mine Closure Suriname Bauxite
Billiton Environmental Baseline Study Suriname Bauxite
Billiton Environmental Baseline Studies and Management Plans Australia Bauxite
Billiton Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Colombia Nickel
Billiton Environmental and Social Impact Assessment UK Tin
Billiton Bogosu Resources Mine Development Ghana Gold
Billiton International Metals Feasibility Study Australia Bauxite - Aurukun
Billiton International Metals Geo-statistics The Netherlands Bauxite
Billiton International Metals Feasibility Study Australia Bauxite - Boddington
Billiton International Metals Feasibility Study UK Tin
Billiton International Metals Strategic Review and Business Plan Multinational Base metals and bauxite
Billiton International Metals Business Development Tunisia Base & precious metals
Billiton Suriname Business Optimisation Studies Suriname Bauxite/Alumina
Billiton Suriname / Alcoa Feasibility Study Suriname Bauxite/Alumina
Bogdanka Coal Mine Due Diligence Poland Coal
BUMIGEB Institutional Study Burkina Faso Gold
Bureau of Public Enterprises Environmental Policy and Law Nigeria Metals
Bureau of Public Enterprises Valuation of Concessions Nigeria Coal
Bureau of Public Enterprises Valuation of Concessions Nigeria Tar Sands
Bureau of Public Enterprises Policy Advice Nigeria Iron & steel, aluminium, base and precious metals
Cabot Feasibility Study Mozambique, Ethiopia Tantalum
CBG Technical Review Venezuela Bauxite
Centre for the Development of Industry Geological and Market Appraisal Nigeria Gemstones
Centromin / World Bank Privatisation Strategy and Valuation Peru Base & precious metals
Cesbra Environmental Impact Assessment Brazil Tin
Cluff / Lending bank Representation Ghana Gold
Colombia State Mines Training Colombia Coal, gold and emeralds
Confidential Geotechnical Appraisal Russia Coal
Confidential Exploration PNG (Papua New Guinea) Gold, Platinum, Palladium
Confidential Due Diligence PNG Gold, platinum and paladium
Confidential Feasibility Study Scotland Gold
Confidential Pre-acquisition evaluation Europe Confidential
Confidential Corporate Valuation and Acquisition Strategy Brazil Tin
Confidential Due Diligence Ghana Gold
Confidential Market Research African Countries Mine consumable
Confidential Business Development UK Coal
Confidential Technical and Financial Audit South Africa Dimension Stone
Confidential Environmental Audit Suriname Bauxite
Confidential Environmental & Technical Audit Turkey Nickel
Confidential Due Diligence Ireland Gold
Confidential Market Review/Strategy Eastern Europe Mining Commodities
Congo Potash Company Mining Data Evaluation Congo Potash
Conpet pipeline Co Training Romania Oil
Costain Mining Mine Planning and Studies Scotland Coal
De Beers Strategic and Technical Review (proposal) UK Diamonds
Department of Mines and Petroleum Small-Scale Mining Papua New Guinea Multi-minerals
Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) World Wide Review of Coal Preparation Technology United Kingdom Coal
DFID - UK Capacity Building Afghanistan All
DFID-ITC Small-scale mining African Countries Multi-mineral and gemstones
Don Mining Company Technical and Financial Audit Russia Glass sand
Donskoy GOK Technical and Financial Audit Kazakhstan Chrome
DTI Market Review Turkey Coal
EJADA (European Jordan Assistance and Development Agency) Market Research Jordan Industrial Minerals
EMRDC Legadembi Corporate Valuation and Feasibility Study Ethiopia Gold
EU / Tacis Policy Advice - Environment/Oil & Gas Turkmenistan Oil & Gas
European Bank (EBRD) Rationalisation and Restructuring Hungary Bauxite/Alumina
European Community (TACIS) Legal and Fiscal Frameworks Armenia Base & Precious Metals, Oil & Gas
European Union Mineral Policy Advice Suriname Multi-minerals
European Union Market Research and Promotion Jordan Dimension Stone
Financial Times Publications UK Various
First Marathon Securities Information Memorandum Colombia Emeralds
Fox Davies Market Review Global/UK Diamonds
Fox Davies Diamond Sector Review Global Diamonds
Freiberg University Training Germany Multi-minerals
Glencore Technical and Financial Audit Kazakhstan Zinc, Lead
Golder Associates Environmental Consultancy Khazakhstan Coal
Grant Samuel Due Diligence Turkey Gold
Guybau Feasibility Study Guyana Bauxite
Hansa Exploration Corporate Valuation African Countries Gold
Hart Group Audit Nigeria Oil & Gas
Hart Group Audit Ghana All
Hart Group Audit Peru All
Henry Walker Eltin (HWE) Contract Tender Strategy Venezuela Coal
Hungalu (TACIS) Corporate Advice and Privatisation Strategy Hungary Bauxite
IFC - PEPMENA Mining Policy Reform Egypt All
IFC - PEPMENA Mining Policy Reform Yemen All
ILO Small-Scale Mining Philippines Multi-minerals
Jordan Energy Appraisal China Oil Shale
Jordan Energy Resource Appraisal Egypt Oil Shale
Jordan Energy Proposal Estonia Oil Shale
Ma’aden Strategic Review and Institutional Restructuring Saudi Arabia Phosphate and Bauxite
Macquarie Bank Sector Review Nigeria Coal
Mchenga Coal Mines Geological Modelling/Mine Planning Malawi Coal
Metal Events Interpretation China Copper
Mineracao DF-II Project Development Brazil Diamonds and Gold
Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia Capacity Building Mongolia All
Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority of Mongolia Promotion Mongolia All
Minero Perú Privatisation Strategy and Valuation Peru Base & Precious Metals
Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources Environmental Law and Legislation Saudi Arabia Industrial Minerals and Gold
Mining Companies Executive Search UK Multi-minerals
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Feasibility Study Jordan Oil Shale
Ministry of Industry and Trade (Tacis) Feasibility Study Armenia Industrial Minerals
Ministry of Industry and Trade (Tacis) Information Memorandum Armenia Copper/Molybdenum
Ministry of Mines Feasibility Study Burundi Phosphate
Ministry of Mines Geological Appraisal Macedonia Lead-Zinc
Ministry of Mines Mine Appraisal Albania Bitumen
Ministry of Mines Feasibility Study Macedonia Lignite
Ministry of Mines Environmental Manual Romania All
Ministry of Mines & Energy System and Technical Review Mauritania Iron Ore
Ministry of Mines (Tacis) Privatisation Strategy Albania Chrome
Ministry of Nature Protection Environmental Law Turkmenistan Oil & Gas
Ministry of Trade and Economic Development Legal Advice Armenia All
Ministry of Trade and Industry Feasibility Study Bhutan Tungsten
Ministry of Trade and Industry Mining and Environmental Policy and Law Armenia Copper & Gold
Minorco / Outokumpu Management Advice Ireland Lead/Zinc
Mittal Steel Market Review/Business Development Indonesia All
MRN / Billiton Mine Development Plan Brazil Bauxite
National Coal Board Exploration UK Coal
National Investment Bank for Industrial Development (ETEVA) Feasibility Study Greece Industrial Minerals
Natural Resource Companies Interpretation Global Oil & Gas
Natural Resources Authority (NRA) Environmental Policy and Regulations Jordan Various
Natural Resources Authority (NRA) Policy and Legal Advice Jordan Phosphate, Potash, Industrial Minerals
Natwest Technical and Managerial Audit Spain Zinc
Natwest Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Scotland Gold
Natwest Representation Ireland Lead/Zinc
NRA - Natural Resources Authority Institutional Restructuring and Legal Framework Jordan All
Oman Mining Company Technical and Financial Audit Middle East Base & Precious Metals
Oman State Mining Company Privatisation Strategy and Valuation Oman Copper
Parkman Group Business Planning UK Environment
Paso Diablo Mine Geological Data Management Venezuela Coal
Petromin Strategic Review and Institutional Restructuring Saudi Arabia Multi-minerals
Prime Minister's Office Financial and Process Audit Nigeria Oil & Gas
Private Business Development Armenia Base & Precious Metals
Private Proposal Israel Oil Shale
Pt Aneka Tambang Technical and Financial Audit Indonesia Base & Precious Metals and Bauxite
Rio Tinto Ventilation Study Argentina Copper/Zinc
Rio Tinto Business Development Armenia/Iran Copper/Molybdenum
Rio Tinto Pre-Acquisition Audit Colombia Coal
Roskills Sector Review Global Graphite
Roskills Sector Review Global Zeolites
Runan Pacific Feasibility Study China Glass Sand
RWE / Rheinbraun Strategic and Technical Review Germany Coal
RWE / Rheinbraun Environmental Impact Assessment Germany Lignite
RWE Trading Due Diligence South Africa Coal
RWE Trading Due Diligence UK Coal
Scott Pickford Review Madagascar Heavy Oil/Tar Sands
Semirara Coal Corporation EPCM Philippines Coal
Shell Evaluation Australia Oil Shale
Shell Ranking Study USA Oil Shale
Shell Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Morocco Oil Shale
Shell - Billiton Due Diligence Turkey Chrome
Shell - Billiton Social and Environmental Impact Assessment Ghana Gold
Shell International Feasibility Study Morocco Oil Shale
Shell International Benchmarking/Ranking Studies The Netherlands Oil Shale
Sierra Rutile Technical and Financial Audit Sierra Leone Ilmenite and Rutile
Silver and Barytes Information Memorandum Greece Industrial Minerals
Southern Peru Copper Corporation Operations Management Peru Copper/Molybdenum
SparesFinder Global Mining Sector Advice Multinational Multi-minerals
Standard Bank Due Diligence Russia Gold
State mining company Technical and Financial Audit Oman Copper
Tabas Coal Project Exploration Iran Coal
Tambang Timah Information Memorandum Indonesia Tin, Tantalum
UK (private) Orebody Modelling Armenia Base & Precious Metals
UK Cleaner Coal Technologies Training Romania Coal
UK Department of Trade and Industry Technical and Market Appraisal African Countries Multi-minerals
UK FCO office HSE Audit Romania All
UK Trade and Industry Trade Mission Mongolia All
UK Trade and Industry - 2004 Mining Sector Review Mongolia Copper & Gold
United Nations Mining Sector Review Kosovo Base Metals
United Nations Environmental Law Kosovo Base Metals
United Nations (UNCTAD) Mining Sector Review Jordan Multi-minerals, Phosphate, Potash, Oil Shale, Oil and Gas
URS Europe Due Diligence Eastern Europe Gold
WMC Corporate Advice Australia Multi-minerals
WMC Project Direction Uzbekistan Base & Precious Metals
WMC Business Development Kazakhstan Base & Precious Metals
WMC Business Development Russia Multi-minerals
WMC Resources Environmental and Social Impact Study Uzbekistan Gold
World Bank Privatisation Strategy Mali Gold
World Bank Mining, Legal, Fiscal and Institutional Review Zambia Base & Precious Metals & Gemstones
World Bank Feasibility Study Burundi Phosphate
World Bank Expression of Interest Madagascar Various
World Bank Sector Review and capacity Building Mauritania Iron Ore
World Bank Project Development India Oil Shale
World Bank Advice, Pre-acquisition Evaluation Liberia Iron Ore
World Bank ESIA Afghanistan All
World Bank Solomon Islands Review Solomon Islands All
World Bank Afghanistan - Review Afghanistan All
Afasult SARL Evaluation Morocco Iron Ore
Tau-Ken Samruk Mining Sector Plan Kazakhstan All
Star Capital Potash Mine - Mine Plan review and valuation Germany Rock Salt and Potash

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