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Since it was founded in 1998, CMA has earned a reputation for its industry knowledge, network of contacts and the breadth of services it offers.

Since Christopher Morgan founded CMA in 1998, we have earned an enviable reputation for our industry knowledge, extensive network of contacts and the sheer breadth of services we offer.

The CMA team offers an unrivalled level of expertise gained while working for some of the industry’s leading players worldwide. The United Nations, European Union, WMC, Rio Tinto, Accenture, BHP Billiton, Mittal, KPMG and the World Bank are just some of the many organisations that have benefited from our consultancy advice, strategic planning input, operational support and business development opportunities.

But whoever we work for and whatever services we provide, our objectives remain the same: to add value to our clients’ businesses and deliver results that exceed their expectations.

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